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Repromed International, Ltd. provides the latest technology in Assisted Reproduction through oocyte donation. With affordable packages and excellent success rates, we make it easy for anyone to have a child. We aim to produce good quality embryos using sperm from the husband with oocytes from carefully selected oocyte donors, and transfer these into the uterus of the wife or gestational surrogate. The oocyte donors undergo strict medical and psychological screening to ensure that there are no genetic abnormalities or infectious diseases that may be carried over to the recipient and the offspring.

The Repromed principle is very simple. The sperm is used as fresh or frozen and then used to inseminate oocytes from a healthy oocyte donor, and the resulting embryos are either transfered fresh (non-frozen) or frozen and stored until the recipient is ready to have the embryos transferred.

The advantages of the Repromed principle are:
  • Minimal visits to the physician's office
  • Reduced costs (travel, accommodation etc.)
  • Production of high quality embryos
  • Embryo transfers can be done at convenient time w/ frozen embryos
  • Improved success rates
  • Very economical and cost-efficient

Please note that International Customers are responsible for paying all duties, taxes, and any other customs fees themselves. Repromed International is not responsible for payment of any of these fees.

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